Asset tracking & Management

The Challenge

For many enterprises such as hospitals, managing thousands of costly, mobile equipment is challenging and labour-intensive. A typical hospital equipment infrastructure consists of wheel chairs, mobile beds, monitoring devices, laptops or PC tablet computers,which are used for viewing and documenting patient care information and distributed across various locations. If a significant portion of asset inventories are lost, stolen or misplaced,this could impact on productivity and lost revenues opportunities. Improved visibility – ensuring assets are always in the right place at the right time - is an overarching result of asset management.

The Solution

Cistol Health asset management solution lets you track hospital equipment easily and immediately with accuracy, using a real-time location system (RTLS) tags to you track, monitor and manage strategic assets. Our solution provides easy access to interconnected information across all facilities on an asset’s location. The solution uses proven technologies such as RFID, allowing users of the system to easily determine the asset’s location and status. Benefits include:

  • Always know where other clinicians are with the ability to contact them easily.
  • Improved mobility with alarms and alerts sent to the clinician’s mobile device based on real-time knowledge of their location.
  • Up to 60 percent reduction in lost and stolen equipment.
  • Improved patient flow, increasing revenue for the hospital.
  • Nurses spend less time looking for equipment so they can spend more time with patient.
  • Communications-enabled badge tags allow clinician to easily alert security personnel.
  • Reduced equipment theft and assuring everyone and everything is where it should be in the hospital.

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