Capacity Management

The Challenge

The goal for your business is to make patients want to come to your hospital for their medical needs. The best way to do this is to optimize how processes are performed so that they get the attention they need without the long waits and hassles. Fast, responsive care and quality customer service are important to your customers.

Managing available resources and a queue of patients is a challenging job. There are many different patient-related aspects to keep track of, such as patients with appointments, prioritization of emergency patients, which patients have arrived and are currently waiting, individual waiting times, availability of healthcare personnel who can serve patients and when are they ready to receive the next patient, which resource the patient is currently waiting for, what will be the patient's next step and so on. Patients who are waiting to be served are often "stuck" in the waiting room, with scarce information about when they will be seen to.

The Solution

The main solution components consists of the self-check-in kiosks, from which the patient can perform the arrival registration, staff queuing work stations used by the reception staff to display and interact with the queue management system, queue monitors to provide information to the patients in the waiting room, the server-side part of the queue management system (application server and database), a messaging server component for providing appointment reminder notifications and queuing notifications, as well as integration with the booking system to retrieve booking information and provide arrival registrations info to the booking system.

Benefits of Cistol Health Queue Management Solution include:

  • Patient empowerment and increased patient integrity
  • Secures the information flow between the front desks, coordinators, nurses and doctors in the department
  • Improved patient satisfaction through reduced waiting times
  • Fewer staff members are needed to manage patient queues and patient arrival registration
  • Enables hospitals to reduce the workforce needed for patient admittance
  • Smoother queue management means more patients are serviced (improved throughput)
  • Improved security with respect to privacy
  • Provides the patient with the flexibility and freedom to spend their time elsewhere than in the waiting room
  • Direct SMS or e-mail contact between patient and caregivers.

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