Mobile Data Collection

Cistol PrimeData®

Health data systems in remote rural areas have been facing problems in the reliability of manual data collection and therefore hampered the delivery of quality of health services. The use of mobile technology seems to be effective as an enabling technology for resource limited settings.

Cistol Systems has been leading efforts in the implementation of mobile technology to improve health data collection process and reporting systems.

Cistol PrimeData® is the mobile data collection app that offers functionalities of aggregated data field remotely, quickly, accurately and securely using tablets computers. It works with Cistol PatCIS® to improve quality of care delivered to rural areas, and streamline workflow.

The system is designed to be customized for the specialized needs and constraints of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community health care workers (CHWs) working in the low resource settings or rural environment. The Cistol PrimeData® solution can run on most platforms, including Windows, Apple iPhone, Linux and Android.

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