Document Management

Today, successful organizations need more than document management technology to optimize the decision-making process by getting the right content – whether structured or unstructured, paper or electronic, audio or video, photograph or email – into the right hands at the right time.

Manual processes only make it harder. Paper slows the entire system and increases the risk for errors – not to mention impeding hospital efforts to analyse and use information effectively.

Document processing and management with an automated workflow component allow for more efficient work processes. It allows your organisation to:

  • Design rules-driven workflows that integrate data amongst information systems to streamline document-handling procedures.
  • Copy and move documents using routing services and your computer network.
  • Automatically notify staff and supervisors when certain events take place.
  • Monitor user activity, guaranteeing efficiency and project completion while enabling enhanced staff efficiency reporting.

Whether it’s scanned physical documents, patient ID documents and drivers licences, captured fingerprints from fingerprint reader, digital signatures, smart card data, DICOM images from PACS, and data from office file systems, CS's document management solution is equipped to handle all of a hospital’s data and storage management requirements.

CS delivers for more than software and technology. We help manage workflow automation projects across your organisation. We provide project managers and technical consulting teams throughout the implementation – as well as workflows engineers to identify process improvements that will transform your organisation into a high-performance hospital.

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