Mobile Health App Solutions

Cistol Systems (CS) offers a wide range of mobile healthcare solutions from workflow management to patient health record management. Our strong technical competency, well-defined methodology, a dedicated team of consultants has helped us provide mobile solutions that offer critical health benefits, aid transformation, accelerate innovation and bring competitive edge to our customers.

CS makes mobile applications simple and affordable for healthcare providers. We will craft, create and develop your application to operate on iPhone/iPad, Windows, Android & HTML5 applications.

Our development approach uses

  • User Experience Design – to ensure user engagement.
  • Agile Development – to deliver working software in rapid iterations and enable more testing
  • Lean Innovation – to minimize risk and time to market

Cistol Systems has spent considerable time consulting and developing mobile health systems for a range of applications. Some of these include data collection devices that are utilised to deliver real-time healthcare information to both health practitioners and community health workers to manage HIV care and safe pregnancy, medication reminders, and logistics management tools.

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