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Research Funding Available To MSc Research Students As SICHIRD Launches New Competition
June 20, 2014

Swize Informatics, a Centre for Health Informatics Research and Development (SICHIRD) is funding a health informatics initiative to develop innovative products and services that address unmet health needs, today announced the launch of the latest competition available to support South African research students. In this first round, SICHIRD will be looking for ideas from students specifically focused on addressing challenges in five key areas of Healthcare technology: Integrated care, Mobile health apps, Wearable devices, Natural language processing and Medical image processing.

The competition is funded by SICHIRD for the development of novel solutions to address major health care challenges. Successful projects will be selected on their potential value to the health service, patient benefit and the opportunity to back thriving businesses. The successful student, will not only get 50,000 ZAR research funding but also the expert support of the SICHIRD to develop products that truly reflect healthcare outcomes. Dr. Phil Nonyane, Programme Director, said “Through innovation and collaboration we are developing and training research students that will develop cutting-edge health solutions that meet the 21st century needs of business and health industry”. “This research funding scheme is set up for MSc students and I hope a substantial number of them do apply”, Dr.Nonyane adds.

The competition closes on September 12th, 2014 with winners announced in January 2015.

To apply, please contact us for information via this website, or send email

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