Health Care Information System

Cistol PatCIS®

Innovative, functional and easy to use: it’s time to experience Cistol PatCIS® solution, a Patient Centred Clinical Information System.

Cistol PatCIS® is a Web-based Integrated Primary Health Care Information Management System with a centralized database of individual, electronic, lifetime patient records that users can access, analyse, and add to, at the point of care. The Cistol PatCIS® collects and stores patient demographic, encounters, and clinical data from various sources of information across primary health care settings.

Once stored in the Cistol PatCIS®, data can immediately become available to authorized users throughout the healthcare continuum: acute care facilities, clinics, hospitals, surgery centres, public health authorities, wellness and home care centres.

The Cistol PatCIS® solution has an integrated document management system, consisting of fingerprinting reader, digital signature, smart card reader and ID photograph camera to generate digital records.

Cistol PatCIS® tracks all patient encounters and episodes—no matter where or when they occurred—so clinicians throughout the enterprise can share treatment information and focus on preventative care.

Cistol PatCIS® works with Cistol PrimeData®, a data collection app that improves care quality and streamline workflow.

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